Dewar's Asstd 1 lb.

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Dewar\'s Asstd 1 lb.
Dewar\'s Asstd 1 lb.
Dewar\'s Asstd 1 lb.

Product Details

A taste of Bakersfield; locally owned and handcrafted in Bakersfield since 1909. A wonderful selection of Assorted Chews and Chocolates comes gift wrapped with both, light and dark chocolate, as well as a mix of original taffy flavors.

***Please note that the wrapping paper pattern/color may vary due to availability 

Dewar's Fine Candies
A taste of Bakersfield - Locally owned and handcrafted in Bakersfield, Ca since 1909. 
A wonderful selection of assort chews and chocolates hand delivered in a gift wrapped box. 
Sizing:1 lb. [both light & dark chocolate  as well as a mix of original taffy flavors]

Substitution & Delivery Policy

*PLEASE READ* Orders must be placed before the following times for same-day delivery: Monday - Friday: 1 pm PST We need the option to substitute based on our standards of quality, look, and feel. It is a difficult time right now in our industry to get certain flower AND vases. Don't worry! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL regardless of any change we need to make! If you really need that certain item, please call the store and let us know immediately.

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Dewar\'s Asstd 1 lb.
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